Loyalty Platform Software

Shopper Loyalty Rewards wants to help your establishment retain a core group of customers with the implementation of a loyalty platform program. While it’s rewarding for your customers to have a place where they can do most of their shopping, you must find ways to tell them that you appreciate their patronage. This is where we come in, and as our past work has proven, using a loyalty program is effective in keeping customers coming back.

Shopping science has proven time and again that discounts aren’t the best way to retain a customer’s devotion. It’s something that restaurants, supermarkets, spas, and other businesses can offer. They can even offer bigger discounts to lure more customers in. Your advantage with a loyalty program is that you can make your product or services more valuable. More than that, you have a chance of increasing customer spending by 20%. Rest assured that our customer loyalty software will integrate with your operations seamlessly. It’s all automated, and to keep customers informed, it can send out alerts through e-mail, text messages, and on social media. There’s really no way that your most loyal customers will be left out using our tactics.

In many ways, loyalty benefits are more enticing than marketing. With it, customers have something definite to expect. Marketing is just about blowing smoke, whereas the loyalty card software actually gives back.

In most cases, your store is only as good as the next one that will offer a half-price discount. Gain an advantage by offering something that also rewards your customers. More than that, this gesture will help you win new customers. In retention strategies, nothing is better than actually saying thank you to your customers and giving them something for their continued support.

To know more about our loyalty program software, contact us. We here at Shopper Loyalty Rewards will be glad to help you understand the benefits of customer loyalty programs, and how you stand to profit more from it.

Case Studies

Jamba Juice Logo

Better-for-You Food Franchise Grows Its Facebook Following and In-Store Traffic

A locally owned and operated franchise of the popular healthy food and beverage company, Jamba Juice of Bakersfield, places signs at each of its four stores, inviting prospective customers to connect for special daily deals by texting its mobile keyword to its short code. The franchise has been able to grow its opt-in mobile database to around 1,000 customers in just two months across all four of its stores. The company also promotes its daily deals on its Facebook fan page, encouraging people to opt-in to its mobile marketing database to receive special coupons that are only usable within a specific store. In this way, the franchise is using Shopper Loyalty Rewards' bulk SMS text messages combined with Facebook marketing to increase its in-store traffic by around ten percent. As a result of the increased traffic, the franchise has realized a significant boost in its sales.
armory survival gear logo

Streetwear/Hip Hop Promotions Company Speeds Sales Results

A streetwear and hip hop promotions company, Armory Survival Gear, hosts regular local VIP sales events as well as weekly dance parties in 24 countries around the world. By using Facebook and in-store signage to advertise its mobile keyword and short code, the company has been able to build and take advantage of a sizable mobile text marketing database. Customers must show their VIP invitation on their phone to the staff before entering any sale or event. The first time the company used Shopper Loyalty Rewards in this way to promote one of its sales, the streetwear provider realized 20 to 30 percent of its monthly sales in just one weekend. By using mobile text marketing to promote its events, the company has also been able to secure attendance by 200 to 300 people at each of its weekly dance parties.
jack surfboards logo

Surf Retailer Improves Customer Reach

A Southern California surf retailer, Jack’s Surfboards, sends email alerts about its VIP events to an unlimited number of its customers and, at the same time, sends a complementary campaign to those who would prefer to receive a mobile text. With Shopper Loyalty Rewards, the retailer does not have to be concerned about separately managing invites and sending out SMS text messages with mobile coupons and reminders to all of its local customers. Now, at the same time, the retailer can be sure to keep its out-of-town customers in the loop with posts to Facebook. By creating one simple message for each channel including email, Facebook and mobile text, the retailer saves time and can reach a greater spectrum of customers.