Larger Short code sign example for PIZZA to 12345 ImageIf you post to social media, you are only contacting about 5% of your customers unless you pay to “boost” your posts.


If you email your customers, you are only contacting about 15% of your customers because they never read your emails.


If you send a text message, you can reach 100% of your customers and all your messages or special offers will be read 100% of the time.


Think about it – how do we all communicate with our friends and family and often co-workers/managers?  TEXT MESSAGES.


Why should it be different with our customers?  80% of people surveyed responded that they prefer a text message versus any other type of communication because it is instantaneous, more personal, and they see it 100% of the time.


Out of sight and out of mind is truly the case – you must use text messages to keep in-sight and in-mind.  Customers have so many choices, you need to make sure you are staying in constant communication with your customers before someone else does.


Contact us today to get started – plus, our software also send emails, posts to social media, and offers an all-digital customer rewards program so you can always reach 100% of your audience.

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