Short code sign example for CAKE to 00000 Image

This is how our loyalty program works in 3 simple steps:

  1. We help you create a customer loyalty program that includes rewards, email messages, text messages, and social media posts using our fully automated software – no other company offers an all-in-one marketing system like we do; some offer email or text messages, but we offer many more channels such as social media and voice broadcasting,
  2. We help you setup the program to run on autopilot so you can build customer loyalty around the clock by automatically sending coupons to customers that have not visited in a while; send appointment reminders; special promotions; Thank You messages; receipts; special offers for birthdays and anniversaries, etc. The options are virtually limitless and it’s all automated for you.
  3. And finally: For customers to sign up, they simply come in, text a keyword to a short code from their mobile device, and that’s it – they are automatically added to your program. For example, let’s say you own a bakery and your mobile keyword is “CAKE” and your short code is “00000”. Customers would simply text the word “CAKE” to 00000, then they receive an instant text back to confirm, and that’s it. No loyalty program is faster or easier to use – it’s not even close.

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