Caring and helping organizations that give so Much to our communities.
Charities love to team up with Shopper Loyalty Rewards because we care. Our All-In-One Automated Marketing platform provides the necessary digital tools to customize, personalize and launch:
• Events, auctions, promotion and notifications
• Donation and contribution requests
• And so much more!

All-In-One marketing machine.

Shopper Loyalty Rewards delivers one-to-one charity personalization across all devices and channels:
• Text
• Email
• Social media
• Videos and
• Calendar reminders

Reporting analytics and CRM

Shoppers Loyalty Rewards provides live and instant campaign analytics to continuously personalize all communication to your communities for better charitable results. Our CRM allows you to properly manage your member lists (name, mobile number and email) in an organized and very simple way. This allows you to launch individual and group campaigns or announcements and these can all be automated. Just create, schedule and our platform will automatically send.

Make it simple for your community to join you

Your community members can easily sign up by simply texting a code (a five-digit number which is provided by us) to a keyword, which you choose. For instance, text “ Charity” to “55555”. You and your customer will get an instant message and confirmation. It’s that simple

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
If you want to know more, contact us.

Thank you for joining the Shopper Loyalty Rewards Community!

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