As a retailer, you can’t cut your prices too low, but you still need a way to retain your core customers. With Shoppers Loyalty Rewards, you’ll have a system that will keep them coming back and possibly spending more. Our retail loyalty programs not only reward your customers, they will make them work to achieve or get a certain perk.

You will be able to create a program that will complement your customers the best. We’ll help implement it on our software, and we’ll train your staff on how to operate it.

Shoppers Loyalty Rewards ensures that lines will not be held up for any reason.

Registration is easy, and confirmation even easier. No more punching or swiping; your customers’ freebies, points, or whatever reward you’re giving will be on record.

Make us your loyalty rewards partner and get a chance of increasing customer spending significantly. This is because we make sure they get something for their effort. Customers need to see that they aren’t just people who buy goods from you. They want to be recognized, and with our loyalty program, you’ll form a bond that benefits both parties.

Make it EASY for your clients to sign-up for your services
Your clients can easily sign up by simply texting a code (a five-digit number which is provided by us) to a keyword, which you choose.
For example, if you chose your keyword to be “Shop” and the code is “00000”. Your customer would simply text “ Shop” to”00000”. You will receive an instant message a new customer has signed up or responded to a promotion. You are all set!!

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
If you want to know more, contact us.

Thank you for joining the Shopper Loyalty Rewards Community!

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