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A loyalty program that draws customers just like your signature dish!

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Preparing your signature dish is easy, it’s getting people to re-visit the restaurant that’s hard. Get an edge over your competition with your customized loyalty program with Shopper Loyalty Rewards.

Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning more often, ultimately increasing overall sales. Shopper Loyalty Rewards offers the best automated technology to help you create a unique marketing program that rewards your customer’s for their loyalty and incentivizes them to return!

Offer Rewards to Loyal Customers to Show Your Appreciation

Offering rewards to loyal customers motivates them to consistently choose your restaurant over others. Your patrons should have a sense that you are paying special attention to them. For example, you can offer the guests a % off on the bill on every 4th visit, or one free basic meal if they bring in a group of 5 people or more. You can completely customize your loyalty plan as per your preferences, and our automated loyalty program will execute it for you smoothly! You will have analytics and detailed reports about your campaigns that will help you to strategize your next move.

Delight our customers

Know your regular customers. Nothing can make guests feel more welcomed than a server remembering their name or—even better—their favorite dish!
Leverage the data available to you, by surprising them with an anniversary or birthday treat.

Improve the rapport and get repeat visits

Have a personalized message automatically sent to each customer immediately after every visit- it! It is a nice way to thank them for visiting. It will help you to make the guests keep thinking about your great food and service. You can also incorporate a special offer to show your appreciation for their loyalty and turn them into more than an average customer!

Make your restaurant stand out from others in the business!

Our customer loyalty program will help you to stand out in the market. If you are offering a reward for every X times they have visited, and your competitor is not, the customers will have far more incentive to regularly stroll into your restaurant! It will increase your brand value and improve customers consider your restaurant considerably over your competition.

Our automated customer loyalty program is active 24×7!

Customers can easily sign up just by sending a keyword to a code (a 5-digit text number that is provided by us).
For example, if your mobile keyword is “RESTA” and the code is “55555”. The members will simply text “RESTA” to 55555. They will receive an instant text confirmation with a personalized message, and it’s done. The simplicity and speed that our loyalty program offers to engage with your hungry customers is second to none!

Our All-IN-ONE marketing platform helps you to attract new customers by increasing visibility. You can advertise your mobile keywords on your website, business cards, flyers, in ads, etc. The fully automated and 360° marketing technique communicates with the existing customers and new ones through text messages, email marketing, referrals, rewards, social media and so MUCH more!

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
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