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We Develop a Point System to Reward Your Existing Customers

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face today is how to get their old customers coming back again and again? Today customers have many more options these days, you need to offer them more than just your product or service. A simple and affordable solution is reward points. Rewarding your existing customers can help you build long-lasting relationships and generate more sales. If you need help on how to develop a points system to reward your customers, we can help! At Shopper Loyalty Rewards, we have the perfect marketing solutions available for any size businesses.

We Create a Unique Customer Loyalty Program for Your Business

Shopper Loyalty Rewards creates a unique, yet simple customer loyalty program for your business to reward your existing customers, as well as attract new prospects—quickly and affordably. What you get is a customizable reward point system that you can use online to promote and gain more loyal customers. The customers can earn points for signing-ups, for referrals, or just for being a loyal fan—and later use those earned points for purchases. Contact us today where one of our experts will gladly show you how to create a loyalty point program that is highly rewarding—not only to your customers but your business!

We Provide Technology-Based Marketing Solutions to Help You Generate More Loyal Customers

Shopper Loyalty Rewards provides clients with a customer loyalty program, a technology-based marketing solution, that captures emails and phone numbers, tracks check-ins, and manages rewards points. It automates birthday and anniversary offers and can even offer points to customers that share your offers through their social media network. You can easily manage your rewards program and communicate electronically with your raving fans, which can dramatically improve likes, shares, and follows on your various social media handles. You can get more positive reviews, and build a solid online reputation.

Why Choose Shopper Loyalty Rewards

Customer loyalty programs offered by Shopper Loyalty Rewards are one-of-a-kind and are created exclusively with your business in mind to achieve instant results and positive customer feedback. Like most loyalty programs, we don’t keep your contacts and there are no long-term contracts. Setting up a marketing program with us is fast and easy. Let us help you with how to create a loyalty program, that will keep your customers coming back again , and again!

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