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We help Dry Cleaner owners build lasting customer relationships

Turn irregular customers into loyal customers, and provide them customized offers to make them your dry cleaner’s most powerful advocates!

The dry-cleaning industry is dependent on customer convenience. However, the communication with the customers is mostly negligible. Customers prefer door-to-door delivery of their clothes and establishing a personal relationship with them becomes troublesome. A Customer Loyalty Program becomes handy in scenarios where customer interaction is minimal. Shopper Loyalty Rewards has proven itself in retaining the existing customers through its loyalty program.

A Customer Loyalty Program for You & Your Customer

You can only retain customers if they realize that they benefit from your service as much as your business does! An efficient Loyalty Program for Dry Cleaner interacts with customers and increases retention. Your customers will be delighted if they get rewarded for the dry-cleaning service loyalty. Our loyalty program helps business owners set up a rewards program for their customers that is unique, robust and automated.

Track your customer and reward them

With the help of our advanced loyalty program, you can track customer behavior(like their frequency of cleaning, average amount spent, etc.). This way you can send customized promotions to your patrons based on their preferences and habits. Besides assisting you to retain your existing customers, you also get total access to your local clientele.

Increase customer spending

Add incentives like 1 free cleaning of 1 shirt when they dry-clean 10 pieces or a free cleaning for every 25 visits! Loyalty rewards are one of the most attractive selling tools to new prospects while enticing the previous customers to return, whom you haven’t seen in a while. The rewards urge customers to spend more because they know that they will be rewarded.

Reach your clients anywhere and anytime

We offer a lot more than just the loyalty programs. Our completely automated and 360° marketing platform communicates with the existing customers and also the new ones through. We do this by simply sending text messages, emails, referrals, Via loyalty points, rewards, social media and more. By targeting the customers through all possible communication channels, our program leaves no stone unturned to retain your precious customers.

We use the most advanced technology to help you to worry less and retain more!

Customers can easily sign up just by texting a keyword to a code (a 5-digit text number that is provided by us).
For example, if your mobile keyword is “CLEAN” and the short key is “55555”. The customers will simply text “CLEAN” to 55555. They will receive an instant text back for confirmation, and it’s done. No loyalty program is easier or faster to get you engaged with your customers.
Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
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