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Boost Your Sales & Grow Your Business with Automated Promotional Text Messaging

Did you know that 98% of the text messages are read within the first two minutes of receipt? No other marketing channel provides such instantaneous communication. If promotional text messaging is not a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on something big. A major element of ShopperLoyaltyRewards’ Customer Loyalty Program, automated promotional text messaging is a powerful marketing solution we offer to businesses of all sizes to drive traffic to their website or/and store, boost sales, and grow their brand.

Easily Communicate with Your Customers, Provide Updates, and Increase Revenue

ShopperLoyaltyRewards takes text message marketing to a whole new level. We build a simple yet intuitive Customer Loyalty Program for your business that your customers can easily signup for. They just have to text one word (the keyword) to a short code (a 5-digit number) from their mobile devices and that’s it! They are automatically added to your loyalty program. Once registered, you can easily communicate with your customers, provide those updates about your products and services, and increase revenue. You can automatically send “thank you” messages, coupons, and special offers for birthdays and anniversaries, etc. to keep your users engaged.

Spend More Time on Retaining Existing Customers than Just Acquiring New

We all want our customers to come back to us, but the truth is, more than 60% of customers never return after their first visit. What if you could have all those customers back? With our automated promo message solutions, we can help you increase customer spending by nearly 20%. How? By allowing you to easily communicate with your lost customers and have them back again. Did you know that it’s 83% easier to retain existing customers than acquiring new? So why just look for new business opportunities? Engage existing ones and effortlessly sell more with promotional text messages.

Take advantage of our automated text messaging solutions! Get started with your Customer Loyalty Program today!

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