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Real Estate

An All-in-One marketing platform that delivers!

40% of home buyers prefer communicating with an agent via text over phone calls, but only 15% of agents communicate this way. That’s why our automated digital marketing tools offer an exciting way to stay ahead of the competition.

With our unique automation and engagement tools we can help you find new buyers/sellers and match them with the right property quickly.

Shopper Loyalty Reward’s pairs the power of:

1. Mobile keyword, QR Codes
2. MMS, Email, social media updates
3. Appointment reminder, SMS blast, voice broadcast
4. Online sign-up pages, mobile keyword, Facebook sign-up pages
5. Five powerful communication channels on a single integrated platform


1. All-in-One Marketing can help you attract new clients by advertising available properties through mobile keywords and QR Codes. Interested buyers can text in a mobile keyword or scan a QR code to get instant information about property listings directly onto their mobile phones.
2. With All-in-One Marketing, you can quickly and effectively push out important updates and information to interested buyers. Send pictures of properties (MMS), email newsletters, and post to social media to get the word out about new homes and properties.
3. All-in-One Marketing offers powerful tools to help you sell more homes. Don’t miss another opportunity to showcase properties. Send appointment text reminders and SMS blasts to make sure clients show up to home tours and open houses. You can even send a voice broadcast to prospects who may not be as akin to texting.
4. Easily collect mobile numbers with mobile keywords. Capture more detailed information like full name, email address, screen name, and even custom data using online sign-up pages or Facebook sign-up pages.
5. All-in-One Marketing is available on a single platform, with one database, on one bill. The solution combines five of today’s most popular and most powerful communication channels to deliver maximum results. To put your mind at ease, All-in-One Marketing comes with the following advantages: – Online tutorial videos!

Make it EASY for your clients to sign-up for your services

Your clients can easily sign up by simply texting a code (a five-digit number which is provided by us) to a keyword, which you choose.

For example, if you choose your keyword to be “Home” and the code is “55555”. Your customer would simply text “Home” to”55555”. You will receive an instant message a new customer has signed up or responded to a promotion. You are all set!!

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
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