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Great hair never happens by chance, it happens with regular appointments!

It is said that the best hairdresser never stops learning. But what’s the point of that if the customers do not come back again and again? Shopper Loyalty Rewards can come to your help by making the customers remember the craft of your salon from time to time.

Not only do customer loyalty services encourage consumers to be loyal customers, but they will spread how great your service is and refer your business to friends and family. In this competitive market space, consumers need a reason to come back to your salon and not your competition. Awarding your customers will bring them back more often because you made them feel special!

Formulate great offers to give your sales a thumbs up!

Lure your customers with exciting and irresistible offers. For example, you can offer a free haircut when a customer returns for the fourth time. With the Shopper Loyalty Rewards, you can customize your offers whenever you want. Reach out to customers with text, social email or social media, to create a buzz.

Delight your first timers and make them regular customers.

You can never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, make sure to impress the customers who visit you for the first time. Welcome them with introductory discounts and enroll them into your loyalty program with the help of Shopper Loyalty Rewards. Once you make the first-timers happy, chances are that you will keep seeing them again and again.

Get a detailed analysis of your customers.

Once your customer is enrolled in your loyalty program, you can analyze their behavioral patterns. You can details like their birthday, the timing of their visits, and send them a Thank you not or a discount for their birthday etc. The more you start knowing your customers, the better you can strike a chord while communicating with them.

Make your Hair Salon stand out!

There is no shortage of hair salons in any locality and to make your salon stand out, you must provide offers that customers will not get anywhere else. Make sure your customer’s know how much you appreciate their loyalty.

Our automated customer loyalty program is active 24×7!

One of the most effective and economical ways to attract new clients is by word of mouth. The experience of people always hit the bull’s eye.

Customers can easily sign up just by sending a keyword to code (a 5-digit text number that is created by you).

For example, if your mobile keyword is “SALON” and the code is “55555”. The members will simply text “SALON” to 55555. They will receive an instant text back for confirmation, and it’s done. The simplicity and speed that our loyalty program offers to engage with your hair enthusiasts are second to none! The 100% automation and 360° marketing technique keeps in touch with the existing customers and new ones via text messages, email marketing, referrals, rewards, social media and so MUCH more!

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
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