Handyman Services

Handyman services

No other platform can compare to Shopper Loyalty Rewards and its personalized and customized marketing platform, to launch-Promotions, Campaigns or set Appointment Reminders.

Easily and Simple
Keep in touch with your customers and attract new customer via:
• Text
• Email and
• Social media

Increase profits when you partner with us!

Business owners can easily sign to our website by just sending a 5-digit code. This code would be given by us.

Our digital and simple to use tools will help you to very easily communicate with the new clients as well as engage the existing clients through text messages, email marketing, referrals, rewards, etc.

Reporting analytics and CRM

Shoppers Loyalty Rewards provides live and instant campaign analytics to continuously personalize your promotions and campaigns.

Our CRM allows you to easily manage your client lists (name, mobile number and email) in an organized and very simple way. This allows you to launch individual or group customized campaigns and promotions, and these can all easily be automated. Just create, schedule and our platform will automatically send.

Make it EASY for your clients to signup for your services

Your clients can easily sign up by simply texting a code (a five-digit number which is provided by us) to a keyword, which you choose.

For example, if you chose your keyword to be “ HANDYMAN” and the code is “55555”. Your customer would simply text “ HANDYMAN” to”55555”. You will receive an instant message a new customer has signed up or responded to a promotion. You are all set!!

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
If you want to know more, contact us.

Thank you for joining the Shopper Loyalty Rewards Community!

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