Why us

Why Us

Companies give so much focus on gaining new customers that they neglect the treasure trove of their existing customers. That is exactly where Shopper Loyalty Reward’s team of experts comes in.

We help and partner with businesses to create their unique Customer Loyalty Programs, so your customers:

  • Come back more often.
  • Spend more each time they come in.
  • And, we have HUGE success in winning back lost customers.

Increase your revenue with our All-IN-ONE Fully Automated Marketing Platform

Build Loyalty

After crafting your completely automated loyalty program, your customers will go out of their way to keep returning. They turn from being just a regular “customer” to “raving-fans” of your business.

Gain New Customers

We offer a lot more than just your ordinary loyalty program. The completely automated and 360° marketing mechanism communicates with the existing customers and new ones through text messages, email marketing, referrals, rewards, social media and so MUCH more!

Bring Back Lost Customers

More than 60% of customers never come back after their 1st visit and most companies have little or no way to make them return. Did you know that it is 83% cheaper to retain an existing customer than earning a new one? We assist you by making the customers keep coming back again and again, and again!

How It Works

Engage Your Customers, Personalize Marketing Campaigns, Increase your Marketing ROI & Reach Your Audience Effectively.

A Unique Customer Loyalty Campaign

We assist you to create a loyalty program for customers to keep them returning and spending up to 20% or more. We provide you 24/7 support and full training. Plus, the robustness of our system is impeccable. We literally possess an All-In-One Marketing platform that provides you with tools such as: Text, Email Marketing, Loyalty Points Programs and Social Media all merged together with a “click of a button”.

SUPER easy for customers to sign-up

Customers can easily sign up just by texting a keyword to a code (a 5-digit text number; we provide the keywords & short codes!). There is no need for tablets or managing punch cards – only a quick text message and that’s it!

For example, you are a restaurant and your mobile keyword is “RESTA” and the code is “55555”. Customers will simply text “RESTA” to 55555, they receive an instant text confirmation, and that’s it. And, it’s all automated. No loyalty program is easier or faster to get you engaged with your customers.

It’s SUPER simple and Automated!

Interaction with your customers is easy and seamless through Text, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs & Social Media, which keeps them returning and spending more. Automatically send customized Thank You/Birthday messages; send coupons to extinct customers who have not visited in the last 60, 90, 120 days to get them to visit again; send appointment reminders; special promotions; receipts; rewards; coupons; special offers for anniversaries and Christmas; etc. The options are infinite AND it’s all automated!

We give you an All-in-One Solution.

No other system offers more ways to communicate with the existing customers while finding new customers at the same time. Some companies offer limited channels like email or text messages, but with us, you get SO MUCH MORE.

Our platform includes loyalty rewards programs, mobile picture and video messages, social media, and voice broadcasts. And it’s all automated. By being able to communicate with them on whatever channel they prefer, you can reach out to 100% of your customers. Also, sign-up pages are provided by us for you to place on your website and your social media platforms.

You will have access to detailed reporting that keeps track of your loyalty program including comprehensive reports on each text message, email, coupon, etc. that you send out.

Case studies have shown that loyalty programs are 10x more effective in comparison with all other forms of marketing. And, to keep it SUPER simple – EVERYTHING is automated. Your loyalty program just executes itself on autopilot mode and you gain more loyal customers, receive new customers, and double or greatly increase revenues.

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
If you want to know more, contact us.

Thank you for joining the Shopper Loyalty Rewards Community!

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