It’s Fully Automated
Build Loyalty, Get New Customers, Bring Back Lost Customers

Build Loyalty

After setting up your fully automated loyalty program, you will find customers going out of their way to keep coming back. They transform from being just a "customer" to "raving-fans" of your business.

Get New Customers

We give you so much more than just your own loyalty program. This is a fully automated and complete marketing system to communicate with your existing customers and new ones through email and text messages, rewards, referrals, social media and MUCH more.

Bring back lost customers

Over 60% of customers never return after their first visit and most companies have no way to get them back. It is 83% cheaper to keep an existing customer than earn a new one. We help you keep customers coming back, and back, and back again.

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How it works

We help you create your own customer loyalty program.

We help you build you a customer loyalty program to keep customers coming back and have all customers spending up to 20% more. This is where we shine above everyone else - we help you build the perfect program, give you full training, and 24/7 support. Plus - no one else has a system as robust yet so simple to use as we do. We literally have an all-in-one system with loyalty, text, email, voice, and social media.

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SUPER easy for customers to sign-up.

Customers easily sign up by simply texting a keyword to a short code (a 5 digit text number; we provide the keywords & short codes!). No tablet kiosk to mess with or worry about getting stolen - just a quick text message and that's it. For example, you are a bakery and your mobile keyword is "CAKE" and your short code is "00000". Customers would simply text "CAKE" to 00000, then they receive an instant text back to confirm, and that's it. Plus, it's all automated for you. No loyalty program is faster or easier to use.

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It’s all automated and SUPER simple.

Now you can easily communicate with your customers through email, text messages, & social media to keep them coming back and spending more. Automatically send Thank You messages; receipts; send coupons to lost customers that have not visited in the last 30, 60, 90, 120 days to get them to come back again; send appointment reminders; special promotions; rewards; coupons; special offers for birthdays and anniversaries; etc. The options are virtually limitless AND it’s all automated for you.

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We give you an all-in-one solution.

No other system offers more channels to connect with your existing customers and find new customers. Some companies offer email or text messages, but we offer SO MUCH MORE. Our system also includes loyalty rewards programs, social media, mobile picture and video messages, and voice broadcasts. And it's all automated. Now, you are able to communicate with 100% of your customers and get new customers by being able to communicate with them on whatever channel they prefer. Plus, we also give you signup pages to place on your website and on your Facebook page. No other company offers an all-in-one system like we do - it's not even close.

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Full reporting and 10x more effective than everything else.

You will have access to full reporting so you know how your loyalty program is working for you including detailed reports on each email, text message, coupon, etc. that you send out. Case study after case study has shown that our loyalty programs are 10x more effective than all other forms of marketing that you will do - see some of our case studies below. And to keep it SUPER simple – it's all automated. Your loyalty program just runs on autopilot and you receive more loyal customers, get new customers, and double or greatly increase sales. Contact us today to start.

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Perfect for ANY Business Such As

Clothing & Apparel
Online Stores
Pet Store
Golf Course
Tanning Studio
Coffee House
Dry Cleaner
Hair Salon
Nail Salon
Auto Dealer
Convenience Store
Dental Office
Any Business

You receive pure awesomeness

Mobile Features

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Mobile Keywords

Create a unique keyword to be sent to a short code and enable various functions from opting-in to your database, to delivering deals and alerts. We provide everything you need.

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Encourage audience interaction at events by enabling people to post messages on a big screen.

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Send more than just words by delivering a short video clip, a picture, a sound bite, and more.

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Appointment Reminders

Sick of customers missing their appointments? Minimized missed appointments by delivering a quick SMS (Text) appointment reminder - runs automatically.

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Mobile Voting

Captures votes from your audience for whatever you want to know about with a simple text (new recipe, clothes, color, better your product/service, etc.).

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Rewards Program

Reward your customers for their business with bonus points and incentives to keep them coming back again and again.

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Mobile Coupons

Boost traffic and sales by sending coupons directly to your customers' mobile phones (can also do this through email and social media).

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Shuffle Responder

Great for a variety of applications like daily jokes or inspirational sayings.

Social Features

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Facebook Like-Gating

Give your audience an incentive to Like you by providing a preview of exclusive deals and news they can see ONLY after Liking your Facebook page.

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Multi-Channel Voting

Gather opinions and boost audience engagement through surveys to your audience or an extended audience on Facebook, mobile, or both.

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Facebook Tab Editor

Easily add and customize tabs for your Facebook page, or instantly create them using our templates. Post to Facebook and Twitter with one click - no more having to pay for other software or logging in and posting twice.

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Facebook Coupons

Boost Facebook Likes and traffic by offering coupons conveniently from your Facebook tab.

Email Features

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Email HTML Editor

Design your business emails to fit your brand or select from our library of almost 200 designed templates.

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Campaign Reports

View useful stats from your email campaigns such as delivery, open, bounce, and opt-out rates to see what worked well and what did not so you can better plan future campaigns.

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Email Scheduler

Schedule campaigns in advance and have emails delivered automatically on future dates. Easily replace your current email software provider like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. and save money.

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Spam Filter

Minimize chances of your email being marked as spam by having your email content quickly analyzed.

Other Major Features

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Voice Broadcast

Add a little personality to your messages with a voice broadcast.

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Developer API

Incorporate Shopper Loyalty Rewards capabilities into your own application (your CRM, etc.)

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Online Sign-up Pages (OSP)

Collect names, numbers, email addresses, and more from an online form and store them into your database. This can be your website, Facebook page, or any web page. Easily add code to your page - super simple to do.

Case Studies

Jamba Juice Logo

Better-for-You Food Franchise Grows Its Facebook Following and In-Store Traffic

A locally owned and operated franchise of the popular healthy food and beverage company, Jamba Juice of Bakersfield, places signs at each of its four stores, inviting prospective customers to connect for special daily deals by texting its mobile keyword to its short code. The franchise has been able to grow its opt-in mobile database to around 1,000 customers in just two months across all four of its stores. The company also promotes its daily deals on its Facebook fan page, encouraging people to opt-in to its mobile marketing database to receive special coupons that are only usable within a specific store. In this way, the franchise is using Shopper Loyalty Rewards' bulk SMS text messages combined with Facebook marketing to increase its in-store traffic by around ten percent. As a result of the increased traffic, the franchise has realized a significant boost in its sales.
armory survival gear logo

Streetwear/Hip Hop Promotions Company Speeds Sales Results

A streetwear and hip hop promotions company, Armory Survival Gear, hosts regular local VIP sales events as well as weekly dance parties in 24 countries around the world. By using Facebook and in-store signage to advertise its mobile keyword and short code, the company has been able to build and take advantage of a sizable mobile text marketing database. Customers must show their VIP invitation on their phone to the staff before entering any sale or event. The first time the company used Shopper Loyalty Rewards in this way to promote one of its sales, the streetwear provider realized 20 to 30 percent of its monthly sales in just one weekend. By using mobile text marketing to promote its events, the company has also been able to secure attendance by 200 to 300 people at each of its weekly dance parties.
jack surfboards logo

Surf Retailer Improves Customer Reach

A Southern California surf retailer, Jack’s Surfboards, sends email alerts about its VIP events to an unlimited number of its customers and, at the same time, sends a complementary campaign to those who would prefer to receive a mobile text. With Shopper Loyalty Rewards, the retailer does not have to be concerned about separately managing invites and sending out SMS text messages with mobile coupons and reminders to all of its local customers. Now, at the same time, the retailer can be sure to keep its out-of-town customers in the loop with posts to Facebook. By creating one simple message for each channel including email, Facebook and mobile text, the retailer saves time and can reach a greater spectrum of customers.