Keep Customers Coming Back and Spending More

Over 60% of customers never return after their first visit & most companies have no way to get them back. It’s 83% cheaper to keep an existing customer than earn a new one.

Many companies run deals on Deal or Flash Sites or give away other HUGE discounts only to find that those customers never come back after using the discount.

We will build you a custom loyalty rewards program to keep customers coming back and have all customers spending up to 20% more – and it’s all automated.

We help you build a custom loyalty rewards program that customers easily sign up for by simply texting one word, so there is no tablet or kiosk to mess with and it’s a fully digital program so no cards to punch or swipe.

Customers simply come in, text a keyword to a short code from their mobile device, and that’s it – they are automatically added to your program. But, this is SO MUCH more than just a loyalty program – this is a fully automated marketing system that uses text message marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, voice broadcasting, and much more so you can reach 100% of your audience and reach new customers which will greatly increase customer loyalty and your revenue.

Now you can easily communicate with your customers automatically through email, text messages, & social media to keep them coming back & spending more.

Plus – it’s all automated. Automatically send marketing emails & texts. Easily bring back lost customers; keep current customers coming back & spending MUCH more; automatically send appointment reminders, special promotions, Thank You messages, rewards, coupons, specials for birthdays & anniversaries, etc.

And it all runs on autopilot. Perfect for ANY business like: Restaurants, Spas, Clothing & Apparel, online stores, Pet Stores, Golf Courses, Tanning Studios, Coffee Houses, Fitness & Gyms, Dry Cleaners, Hair & Nail Salons, Bakeries, Auto Dealers, Convenience Stores, Dental Offices, & and many more.

Our loyalty rewards programs are over 10x more effective than all other forms of marketing. Plus, it’s all automated – it just runs on autopilot and you receive more loyal customers & more sales.

Many companies have DOUBLED their revenue using our loyalty programs. Contact us today to see a live demo.


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