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The loyalty program that will bring your tanning studio business

With Shopper Loyalty Rewards, send highly relevant messages and customized offers to your customers automatically. This will not only boost your business but also make your customers appreciate it for the personalized touch!

Do you own a tanning studio and want to increase customer retention? If yes, Shopper Loyalty Rewards can help you by implementing a robust customer loyalty program for your tanning studio. Shopper Loyalty Rewards will help you foster a attract a regular and loyal customer base who will visit your tanning studio more often.

Building Long-lasting Relationships

Standout from your competition. Give your customers a reason to regularly visit your tanning studio to get the skin tone they want for that special occasion. It is important your loyal customer’s feel you appreciate their business with unique offers, discounts, and packages. Our loyalty program helps tanning studios to do exactly that and it’s all automated!

Reach out to all your customers with a click of a button.

Boost customer loyalty with our suite of marketing tools. Give your tanning salon a buzz by launching exclusive promotions and deals. Our 360° marketing mechanism interacts your customers through text messages and email, referrals, rewards, social media and more.

Understand your customers.

As a tanning studio owner, capturing customer information such as contact, birthday, and their visits can be crucial. The more you know your customers, the better you can communicate with them! Leveraging such information to your advantage, will vastly upgrade your marketing efforts and have a dramatic impact on your business.

Generate a positive word of mouth

The most effective form of advertising is still the good old personal reference! A positive reference from your existing tanning studio customers will go a long way to bring in more customers. By rewarding your current customers when they make referrals for your business through the loyalty program, you can retain their loyalty while bringing in new customers as well.

We use the best technology to help you rise above the rest!

Signing up for a customer loyalty program has never been easier! The customers just have to text a keyword to a code (a 5-digit text number that is provided by us).

For example, if your mobile keyword is “TAN” and the code is “55555”. The members will simply text “TAN” to 55555. They will receive an instant text back for confirmation, and it’s done.
Active customers mean long-lasting loyalty. Send appointment reminders regularly to have them show up for their tanning sessions. Your business can use our top-notch platform to sustain one-to-one communication directly with the customers. Post frequent updates on Twitter and Facebook with pictures of your studio, new offers, or pictures of your business and amenities to attract new customers.

Customers love to be appreciated and loyal customers will result in long-term profits.
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